A Plausible Theory of Success

Adam Gordon Bell

July 4th


It's July, and happy July 4th to my American readers. A new podcast episode is out:


It's a detailed peek into the internals of Microsoft and the development of Powershell. My guest is Jeffrey Snover and he has a story to share.

It's about one man's vision for a better way to manage Windows Servers and the battles that were fought to bring that vision to completion.

Overcoming Microsoft's GUI bias — Surviving organizational chaos — Dodging failing operating systems — Getting demotions — and finally revolutionizing Windows system administration.

You're trying to figure out, Hey, how do I move the ball forward? How do I affect change? How do I understand where we are? Have a theory of success and rally people to that theory of success and then execute it. How do I do that? Super hard, especially if the organization is successful.

So yeah, great episode. You should give it a listen.

Help me find my next role

I'm looking for a new developer relations role after being laid off from Earthly.

During my time there, I honed my skills in combining coding with communication. I'm talking tutorials, blog posts, conference talks, YouTube videos, etc. My developer-focused content often had a big impact, hitting front pages, showing up in search results, and introducing tons of people to what we did.

Now, I'm looking for a role where I can keep flexing both my software dev muscles and my communication skills.

If you know of any companies where they need someone who can speak engineer – that's me. I'm your guy for explaining complex stuff in a way that's catchy, fun, and makes sense.

So, here's how you can help: if you know of any roles like this, let me know who I should be talking to. And hey, if you know of something cool that I haven't even thought of, I'm all ears.

You can reach me via email ( just hit reply on this email ) Here is my LinkedIn and if you want to set up a call here is my calendar.




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